Sunday, March 13, 2005

Military Procurement in 1968.

Richard F. Kaufman, "We Must Guard Against Unwarranted Influence by the Military-Industrial Complex." New York Times MagazineJune 22 1969:
Military and military-related spending accounts for about 45 per cent of all Federal expenditures. In fiscal 1968, the total Federal outlays were $178.9 billion. The Defense Department alone spent $77.4 billion. . .The $4 billion program of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and other activities intertwined with the military carry the real level of defense spending considerably higher. . .The largest single item in the military budget--it accounted for $44 billion in 1968--is procurement. . .Last year the 100 largest defense suppliers obtained $26.2 billion in military contracts. . .As for NASA, procurement plays a larger role in its activities than in those of any other Federal agency.


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Bessie Coleman , was the first African American woman to become an airplane pilot, and the first American woman to hold an international pilot license.

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